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Part of the acclaimed Restaurant Associates family, CxRA is a custom caterer devoted to creating extraordinary events and experiences. We are proud to do our part to build a more sustainable planet by sourcing local and sustainable food and with years of fine-tuned culinary expertise, this is just the start. Where do we go from there? Wherever you like.

With expertise comes the awareness of what works and what doesn't. Our chefs, planners, and service team have years of experience learning and innovating. Today we're dedicated not only to the technical standards you'd expect—craft, precision, presentation—but to a sense of warmth and welcome that can't be measured.

Our service staff are uniformly passionate about what they do. Gracious and attentive, they’re creative in their service presentation on the floor, and driven, as a team, to ensure that your guests have an exceptional experience. Given our depth of experience, team, and artfully choreographed execution, it’s no accident that our name has become synonymous with excellent service.

Our commitment to incredible food and flawless execution lies behind everything we do. From the hands prepping the food to plating the perfect dish, the place settings to our uniforms, behind the scenes and in the front of house, we’re focused wholly on you and bringing an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. And we take pride in that.