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Part of the acclaimed Restaurant Associates family, CxRA is a New York City custom caterer devoted to creating spaces, experiences, and flavors that bring people together. We believe in seasonal ingredients to show how flavors can be highlighted and tempered with preparation and presentation. For those fleeting moments, we create a truly unique dining experience with seamless service no matter the occasion, brought to life by those who join our table.

Now you may be asking, what does the “x” stand for? The simple answer is Catering “by” Restaurant Associates, but we like to think of the “x” as experiences. We believe in curating, conceptualizing and designing an experience for our guests at the intersection of hospitality, service, and ambiance. We are ready to celebrate the day, every day with elevated food from classic dishes to flavors around the world with a touch of whimsy. Welcome to CxRA where every night is an opportunity to break bread in the most exquisite venues in New York City.

Our chefs, planners, and service team cultivate an environment of innovation with years of experience learning and innovating. We're dedicated not only to the technical standards you'd expect—craft, precision, presentation—but to a sense of warmth and welcome that can't be measured. We love to push the boundaries and celebrate with you and with our years of fine-tuned culinary expertise, this is just the start. From healthy to sinful, where do we go from there? Wherever you like.

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Our 15,000 square-foot, state-of-the art kitchen is our home base for our team. CxRA fosters a culture of creativity and our team is passionate about what they do. From the hands prepping the food to plating the perfect dish, the place settings to our uniforms, behind the scenes and in the front of house, we’re focused wholly on you and your guests have an exceptional experience. Given our depth of experience, team, and artfully choreographed execution, it’s no accident that our name has become synonymous with excellent flavors and service.

We believe that successful events are the result of attention to every detail with nothing left to chance. Organized, safe, and timely transportation of food and equipment is imperative. The CxRA transportation team is led by Gilbert Quioan, who has worked with CxRA for many years and knows all the ins and outs of choreographing multiple deliveries every day. He not only manages his team of drivers but provides the sales team with trucking schedules, license plates, and delivery timing. He visits new locations ahead of events to ensure he is familiar with service entrances, loading docks, times of operations, rules of delivery, and insurance requirements. He is passionate about what he does and no matter the weather Gilbert and his team deliver to their location safely and on time. Careful not to drive too close if you are hungry!

We are proud to do our part to build a more sustainable planet by sourcing local and sustainable food and with years of fine-tuned culinary expertise, this is just the start. We’re big into diverse flavors and are inspired by dishes from around the world. In our kitchen you’ll find tons of local produce, whole grains and legumes, a rainbow of spices and vinegars, lots of healthful oils, wild-caught seafood and sustainably raised meat. We believe the choices we make through food can have a positive impact on our health, community and environment. We love finding the secret life in each ingredient and take pride in creating incredible food with flawless execution.