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Passion. Quality. Style. The things that matter
most to you are what matter most to us.

Part of the acclaimed Restaurant Associates family, CxRA is a custom caterer devoted to creating extraordinary events. Fresh, local ingredients and years of fine-tuned culinary expertise are just the start. Where do we go from there? Wherever you like.

We're responsible for our guests' wellbeing and for the health of our community. Local, seasonal ingredients and our dedicated Central Catering Kitchen mean exceptional events with a social impact, not an environmental one.

CxRA is grateful to the local purveyors whose harvests help create our fresh, colorful meals. We're proud to partner with Satur Farms, DeBragga & Spitler, Sullivan Street Bakery, Pain d'Avignon, and more.

With expertise comes the awareness of what works and what doesn't. Our chefs, planners, and service team have years of experience learning and innovating. Today we're dedicated not only to the technical standards you'd expect—craft, precision, presentation—but to a sense of warmth and welcome that can't be measured.