437 Madison Avenue

Venue details

Located where Grand Central District meets the Plaza District, 437 Madison Avenue is easily accessible to and from all of New York City, Long Island, and the greater tri-state area via road and rail.From coffee meetings in the Cafe Bar, to client meetings in the Board Room, to a martini in the Lounge— Oasis at 437 Madison Avenue hosts the dynamic and curated spaces needed for productivity and wellness through every touchpoint. Designed by Fogarty Finger, Oasis at 437 Madison Avenue includes a Cafe Bar, Lounge, Winter Garden, Library, Forum (including a Town Hall, Training Center, Boardroom, and Salon Meeting Room), Terrace Garden, Breakout Studios, and a Meditation Studio.
437 Madison Ave New York, NY 1002
Capacity: Winter Garden: 59 I Parlor: 70 I Library: 58 I Forum A: 42 I Forum B: 42 I The Forums: 83 I Conference rooms: 83 I Terrace Garden: 230
12255sq ft
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