Venue details

Hall des Lumières is a multi-sensory experience, powered by video canvases that refl­ect onto the walls and d­oors. Choreographed to sound and light and set amongst the backdrop which completely transforms the historic venue. As a monumental permanent exhibition, the space features 130 video projectors, 54 speakers and 22 subwoofers that create a spatialized sound system, and cutting-edge mapping technology designed to stimulate your senses by reimagining the revolutionary art of celebrated artists. Developed between 1902 and 1912 in traditional Beaux-Arts style, the Emigrant Industrial National Savings Bank is designated as a New York City Landmark. The venue is 30,000 square feet and spans two levels. The main level features 40-foot-high ceilings and custom 100+ year old laylights. The lower level has a raw aesthetic and provides access to a historic bank vault. Architectural details such as the marble bank tellers’ registers and interior will continue to remain in efforts to protect the integrity of the space.
49 Chambers St, New York, NY 10007
Ground Floor: 13,163 sq ft Basement Floor: 11, 234 sq ft Capacity Reception: 500 Seated Dinner: 250 (per floor) Cutting Edge Mapping Technology Custom Projections Available
30000sq ft
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